• Collaborative Solutions to Minnesota’s Looming Laborforce Shortage

    Our economy is dynamic, and so is our labor force. We know that 21st century problems require 21st century solutions, and that a wealth of new data and state-of-the art tools can be harnessed to foster systems-level change.

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  • The RealTime Talent Exchange

    Introducing a cutting-edge online job platform that uses statistically-validated questions for specific positions and sophisticated matching to create high-quality connections.

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  • Using Real-Time Data to make Minnesota’s Labor Market Work

    We use the best data tools available to gather billions of data points on talent supply and demand, including information on more than 11,000 employers hiring in Minnesota today on more than 25,000 websites to see who is hiring and what they’re looking for.

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  • A Dual Focus: Strategic and User Engagement

    We work across industry silos to bring leaders in education, private industry, workforce development, and community and economic planning together to inform local decision-making and influence regional planning.

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  • Public-Private Collaborative

    New economic and workforce challenges mean that it is more important now than ever before to work together. We engage over 900 stakeholders from government, private industry, foundations, higher education, and non-profits to support economic growth and prosperity.

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RealTime Talent: A Catalyst for Change

Innovation and collaboration to ensure that all Minnesotans have opportunities to work and all Minnesota employers have access to talent.

  • About

    RealTime Talent is a movement that overcomes industry silos. Learn how Minnesota’s largest companies, colleges, universities, public agencies, and chambers of commerce are working together to solve our state’s workforce challenges.

  • Insights

    Stay up-to-date with the latest events, data tools, and reports by visiting the RealTime Talent Insights Blog.

  • Research

    Finding data is one thing, getting the right data is another. View our reports on the must current labor market trends or request a custom report to meet your unique needs.

  • Resources

    RealTime Talent aims to connect practitioners with the most cutting edge and innovative data tools for solving their most pressing workforce challenges. We have developed a number of helpful resources to help guide you to use these tools most effectively.

  • User Experiences

    Interested in hearing what others think about RealTime Talent and the tools we have brought to Minnesota? Visit our User Experiences page to read testimonials from our partners.

  • Contact Us

    We love hearing from you. To request a report, data access, or training in a specialized data tool, please contact us.

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Quentin Suffren, ExcelInEd, “CTE is having a moment right now!” Did you know that graduation rates for CTE concentrators are about 92%, which is 10% higher than the national average. #cte #careerandtechnicaled #careerreadiness #careerready #businessleads

Aimee Guidera of the Data Quality Campaign drove home the importance of being an advocate for data transparency and translating data into action. Business plays a key role in leading accountability. #businessleads @USChamber

“You can’t work your way through college anymore.” @GeorgetownCEW research looks at how unequal access to financial safety nets and other support make it hard for low-income #WorkingLearners to balance the demands of work and school. https://t.co/kNCTNqGPsb

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