Season Change

Just as fall brings about changes to the leaves of the trees, so too has it brought about changes for RealTime Talent.  On October 1st, RealTime Talent moved into the office space of the Center for Economic Inclusion.  With boxes in hand, we trekked through the St. Paul skyway and made our way to the Osborn370 building to take advantage of the expansive and warm environment on the 9th floor.  This space will allow RealTime Talent to continue to remain diligent in the cross-sector work of statewide labor market analysis and workforce alignment, and we look forward to even more opportunities for CEI and RealTime Talent to collaborate and work to build a prosperous and inclusive economy.  We are grateful to Tawanna Black and the CEI team for accommodating and welcoming us.

We are excited to share news that the Minneapolis Regional Chamber Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, will now be our fiscal agent, to act on our behalf to perform various financial duties and administrative tasks.  We thank Jonathan Weinhagen, Cheri Gengler, and all the Minneapolis Regional Chamber staff for their assistance.   We also thank the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Foundation for serving as our fiscal sponsor over the past two years.

Thank you to all those that partner with RealTime Talent.  It is truly the strength of our partnerships that fuels our mission into action.

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