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Using Labor Market Data to Align Programs to Career Pathways

Author: Brooke Dirtzu and Erin Olson

RealTime Talent is pleased to be returning to CTE Works for our fifth consecutive year! This year, our presentation will be focused on leveraging data to inform programming, freshen up your advisory councils, and build out your Comprehensive Local Needs Assessments.

COVID-19 has impacted Minnesota’s job market dramatically, in many ways accelerating talent shortages in critical career pathways—particularly in the IT, Health Sciences, Finance, and Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources clusters.  Using IT careers as an example, this workshop will focus on how to use both traditional labor market data sources and dynamic real-time sources including stakeholder insights, job postings, and candidate profile data to evaluate the alignment of your CTE programming to local high-demand, high-wage career pathways.  Not only will you come away with insights on the state of the current Information Technology workforce and talent needs across Minnesota, but you will also have a theoretical framework, practical tools, and a library of links to help you use labor market data both quickly and effectively.

Download the presentation given at CTE Works November 2, 2021 from our Reports page, or through the link below.