WorkFountain: What it is, and how it is a different way to look for work

WorkFountain is a data-driven web platform that matches talent of all levels to opportunities across all industries, based not only on skills or experience, but job interests, too.  Created by Michigan-based tech company Digerati, the goal of the platform is to reduce hiring bias for candidates, and give employers more streamlined access to the best candidates.

WorkFountain is different from traditional jobs boards in that it does not rely on surface level keyword searches or even resumes. WorkFountain’s matching algorithms instead put Department of Labor data to work in customizable employer and candidate surveys that are specific to each type of job.

Overall, the site enhances the performance and returns of traditional job boards, dynamically scoring and ranking the tens, hundreds, or thousands of applicants their posting receives, in one central location.

For the 30 days of the posting’s life, the platform continuously searches for new candidates to score and rank for consideration. This persistent pre-screening means best-fit candidates are always visible first at any given time.

Instead of sending their resume off into a black hole and never receiving a response, candidates on WorkFountain view immediate feedback on their compatibility with each position considered.

Candidates and employers alike are notified by email or text message when a new match is made, eliminating the need to constantly log in or browse for new activity.

To date, well over 3,000 companies have posted over 20,000 positions nationwide, with close to 100,000 candidates engaged in the job search on the platform each month.  Companies of all sizes use the platform, with 48% of employer users hailing from small and mid-sized businesses (some of the larger companies that use WorkFountain are shown below).


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