Real-time Data in Non-Profit Career Services

Imagine.  A powerful magic box. 

Inside this magic box is information – and this information has the ability to influence your knowledge of job market trends by presenting the most current and in demand jobs, skills, and certifications, in any area of the state of Minnesota.  Remember, the box is magical – so feel free to mold the information as you see fit – like a child molds a ball of play-dough.  Why not use the box to find the employers who have the most demand for entry-level IT positions that do not require a Bachelor’s degree in Hennepin County.  Now, shake the box, and see the same results state-wide, or find positions that require an Associate’s Degree.  Shake it all up again.  How about Marketing Internships in the St. Cloud Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Now say, “Magic box, send these internship positions and all new internship positions posted going forward, straight to my email inbox.”

RealTime Talent doesn’t have a magic box.  What we do have is Gartner’s TalentNeuron Recruit – an online job post database that pulls from over 60,000 job posting boards world-wide every single day, aggregating real-time labor market information in a user-friendly interface.  Through annual negotiations with Gartner, we are able to make this tool more accessible to our many partners invested in the workforce and education ecosystem, including nine non-profit career services organizations.  Avivo, Emerge, Goodwill Easter Seals, HIRED, Hope United CDC, Interfaith Outreach, Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Lifetrack, and Project for Pride in Living are all using TalentNeuron Recruit. 

Christy Simpson, a project manager at HIRED who focuses on business development, uses TalentNeuron to engage with employers.  “Employers are reaching out to organizations like HIRED, actively seeking talent to fill the many positions they have open,” says Simpson.  “TalentNeuron is a great resource to provide insight for employers about their posting practices that they may not even know about” she adds. Christy’s colleague, Sarah Morgan, works with job counselors and the job-seekers they guide.  “This database helps us to educate the job-seekers on critical hard and soft skills in demand.  We can use the information from TalentNeuron to help job-seekers not only express their skills in interviews, but also know which skills or certifications would be beneficial to attain,” says Morgan. 

Job-seekers engage in a Career Exploration workshop presented by HIRED in collaboration with CareerForce, and Hennepin Tech, using data from TalentNeuron Recruit.

Erik Aamoth, VP of Career Education and Employment Services at Avivo recently shared a story with the RealTime Talent team.  “With the help of the tool, an Avivo program participant was able to plan a career transition as a teacher to a marriage and family therapist,” he stated.   “TalentNeuron provided industry trends, salary expectations, education requirements, and an outlook for this particular career advancement. The participant made the decision to transition careers and was connected to the right education and employment support with the help of Avivo’s employment counselor and TalentNeuron.” 

RealTime Talent not only provides access to TalentNeuron, but also on-site training and consultation on use of real-time data with job-seekers and employers.  Along with the nine non-profit organizations mentioned earlier, TalentNeuron is used by the DEED CareerForce centers and other DEED supported career services organizations, the Minnesota State College and University system, the University of Minnesota, a consortium of Minnesota’s private colleges, and the Minnesota Career Colleges Association.  If your organization is interested in learning about TalentNeuron, real-time data, or RealTime Talent, reach out to Phil Arellano    

Labor Market Data in Career and Technical Education

As Career and Technical Education awareness month comes to an end, we acknowledge our many partners that play a vital role in CTE and thank you for all your hard work in this space.  RealTime Talent has long collaborated with many of our CTE partners to provide labor market and career data aimed to inform students and job-seekers.  In 2017, through Perkins federal funding, we created a series of reports offering insight into three career clusters through the lens of employer demand including Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources, Business, Management, & Administration, and Finance.  These reports, along with a series of career pathways reports, were distributed among CTE coordinators and educators throughout Minnesota.  To view or download these reports, click HERE.

Last November, RealTime Talent developed career pathway handouts for the White Bear Lake area school district, highlighting four key areas including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, and IT pathways in Ramsey County. “These youth-friendly handouts were created to inform students on the career building jobs they may qualify for now or in the near future,” said Erin Olson, RealTime Talent Research Strategist.  “By using school colors and images like emojis, these reports are appealing to the reader and can spark great conversation about these careers.”

Jenny Moore, the Career Pathways Navigator for the White Bear Lake Area Schools said, “I love everything about these reports” as she distributed them at a career expo attended by over 300 students and more than 70 industry partners.  “It is truly amazing what RealTime Talent has done for our local community.”  After Jenny shared these reports with secondary educators in her district, Shannon Grant, a Health and Physical Education Teacher at White Bear Lake High School, used the reports for a unique classroom assignment.  Her students used the data provided on the career pathway handouts to gain insights and do further research on a career they may be interested in.  These students experienced a fun way to engage in career exploration and developed some creative handouts of their own as well.

Creative work from a WBL student inspired by career data.

As we continue to promote the use of tools that address labor force needs and support our education system, RealTime Talent has been working with multiple CTE consortia, providing training and data consultation with TalentNeuron – a real-time job post data tool.  Recently, RealTime Talent trained 30 career counselors and educators from the Wayzata area high schools.  We look forward to how these educators will incorporate real-time labor and career information into their own classes.  If you are an educator who’s interested in our research services or real-time labor market tools, reach out to us today! 

If you have any questions about the work of RealTime Talent with Career and Technical Education, please contact Phil Arellano.