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Green Construction Careers: Occupation Trends and Green-Enhanced Skills in a Changing Industry

The Construction Industry is a significant contributor to Minnesota’s economy; Construction contributed $15.0 billion (3.9%) of the state’s GDP of $380.09 billion in 2019.1 In Ramsey, the Construction Industry contributes to about 3.4% of Ramsey County’s total GDP locally, producing about $1.5 billion in GDP for Ramsey County in 2019. Like the state, construction contributes greatly to the economic growth of the County. In Ramsey County, the Industry accounted for 0.12 percent growth to the real GDP in 2019, compared to 0.19 percent growth in Anoka County and 0.04 percent growth in Hennepin County.2

This report explores the following research questions:
• How is technology transforming the Construction industry?
• What employment, wage, and unemployment trends were observed in Green Construction
careers over the past five years, focusing on occupations that require green-enhanced skills?
• What Green Construction jobs are employers struggling most to fill, as evidenced by job posting data?
• Which construction companies are seeking green-enhanced skills in new talent?
• What are the most promising entry points for jobseekers into Green Construction Careers?
• Where is the region (and Ramsey County) underproducing Green Construction postsecondary talent?
• What are the local Green Construction training programs offered to youth and in the workforce system?
• What are the most pressing equity issues in Green Construction careers?