We are an employer-led public-private collaborative focused on aligning Minnesota’s workforce.

We partner with K-12 education, post-secondary education, industry associations, community-based training organizations, and the public sector to ensure students and  job-seekers have the skills and experience needed to grow in high-demand opportunities. We do this by elevating employers’ collective workforce needs that are impacting economic stability and growth for their industries. Our current labor market information, customized research, human-centered facilitation and consulting fosters accelerated solutions for the talent pipeline and encourages market-oriented data-informed decisions in recruitment, education, and training processes.

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    Learn how Minnesota’s largest companies, colleges, universities, public agencies, and chambers of commerce are working with RealTime Talent to solve our state’s workforce challenges.

  • Research

    Our team uses dynamic and emerging data sources alongside original market research and traditional LMI. View our reports on the must current labor market trends or request a custom report to meet your unique needs.

  • Data Tools

    RealTime Talent has equipped many of Minnesota’s workforce organizations and educational institutions with a powerful real-time labor market data tool: TalentNeuron Recruit

  • Insights

    Stay up-to-date with the latest events, data tools, and reports by visiting the RealTime Talent Insights Blog.

  • Talent Strategies

    Learn how RealTime Talent is collaborating with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to implement an innovative talent strategy in Minnesota.

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    We love hearing from you. To request a report, data access, or training in a specialized data tool, please contact us.

RealTime Insights

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Have you ordered curbside pickup since social distancing began? This creative alternative to dining in is keeping our restaurants in business. Check out our latest blog on how #COVID19 could impact this industry. http://www.realtimetalent.org/2020/04/09/covid-19-industry-impact-report-restaurant-industry/

Despite staggering numbers in today's national job loss report (701K jobs) some employers are still posting positions online. Check out our Job Market Impact update for insights on your county in the metro area! #covid19 #jobs http://www.realtimetalent.org/2020/04/03/covid19-april-3-2020/

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It's true the market is slowing down it’s also true that there was/is a labor shortage, innovation comes from crisis, and organizations are still hiring. https://buff.ly/2EUhcUy #outreach #hope

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