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Minnesota’s 7-County Twin Cities Metro Area

The 7-County Twin Cities Metro Area is the most densely populated region of Minnesota. With 2,985,405 residents, it composes over half of the state’s population (54.7%). Similarly, 54.6% of the state’s currently advertised jobs are found in the Metro region. It contains five of Minnesota’s most populated counties and two (Scott and Carver counties) of […]

Southwestern Minnesota

  Today we released the report on Southwestern Minnesota’s online job market. Southwestern Minnesota’s economy is dominated by production manufacturing–particularly in agricultural production–and healthcare.  About 25 percent of jobs in these industries were held by workers 55 and older in 2015.  Home to 7 percent of the state’s population, the Southwest is sparsely populated.  Mankato […]

Southeastern Minnesota

The latest report on Minnesota’s southeastern region is up on the RealTime Talent website. Regional strengths of the Southeast include healthcare and social assistance (25% of employment) and manufacturing (35% of the region’s output). Healthcare positions is concentrated around the regional center in Rochester, while manufacturing jobs are distributed broadly across the region. Temporary agencies, […]

Foundational Research on Minnesota’s Regional Labor Markets is Released

RealTime Talent has been busy developing a series of regional strategies to help academic, workforce, government, and economic development professionals across Minnesota better use data to respond to local job markets and labor force needs.  The executive summary of the 40-page report on Minnesota’s diverse landscape of job opportunities was released publicly today, November 30th, […]

AgriGrowth Highlights RealTime Talent Research in Agriculture’s Labor Force Needs

An article was published in AgriGrowth’s member newsletter on the recent findings of a study done by RealTime Talent on trends in agriculture hiring and recruitment.  The article, written by Erin Olson of RealTime Talent, notes that data suggests an industry-wide shift in hiring demand as well as supply of available workers.  Below you will […]

Introducing the RealTime Talent Exchange

Our new job-matching platform finally has a name: RealTime Talent Exchange. This cutting edge, web-based tool is designed to blind-matching the needs of Minnesota’s employers with quality candidates at all phases of the talent pipeline. Under the leadership of Senator Terri Bonoff and building upon the successful Minnesota PIPELINE Project, the RealTime Talent Exchange seeks […]

Survey Results: What Matters Most to Job Seekers

We asked our Minnesota community what they value most in a job, and overall the responses are what you might expect: compensation and maintaining a positive work/life balance are critical. However, we noticed some interesting differences between job seekers of different age groups that suggest compensation may not be the first thing that younger members […]

What Matters Most to Job Seekers

Many studies show that compensation is still the most important factor for employees at work.  However, generational shifts have been observed regarding other relevant workplace factors such as work culture, ability to work from home, and health benefits.  RealTime Talent is interested in knowing what is most important in a job to Minnesotans.  Respond to […]